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Diversified Labor Solutions is uniquely qualified to supply competent, reliable and cost effective man power to your organization so you can compete in a rapidly changing and competitive market. Specializing in providing the means and mechanisms to take advantage of the current Government Regulations that allow for the importation of Migrant workers.

About Us  |   Secure dependable labor now for your upcoming seasonal and peak load periods.

Diversified Labor Solutions works hand in hand with a number of Mexican based agencies to ensure that candidates are qualified to your specific needs. Diversified Labor Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide competent, reliable and cost effective man power for your business via H2B Temporary Migrant Visa Program.

Dan Law & Vince Sorrentino started this concept with clients primarily in the lawn services industry, but have continued to forge ahead by acquiring  clients in a variety of construction related industries,that now include oil and pipeline contractors and oil related businesses.


Diversified Labor Solutions started with the idea from two entrepreneurs who were already immersed in the construction development trade business.


Dan Law who is a former editor and owner of "The Builder Open House Magazine" and current owner of a private Sheetrock Contracting Company based in the Carolinas.


Vince Sorrentino who is a Land Developer and partner in his family company "Icon Development Inc" which Designs & Builds everything from industrial parks, retail shopping plaza centers, medical facilities and residential subdivisions. These men know a thing or two about the trades and the struggle to hire and retain a labor force that is good, reliable, & consistent for a period of time.


Labor shortage continued to be a constant issue, with all of their trades.  The problem continued as an issue in all the different states they worked in as well.


Dan Law, and Vince Sorrentino decided to form a company and work on providing the service they felt was very much-needed.


"There are so many people here working illegally, this eventually creates problems for companies hiring these people from all sorts of legal stand points."


The concept of Diversified Labor Solutions is serving the companies that need help during a period of time. Businesses can get legal legitimate help via this Government program. Especially during the seasonal need when businesses spike. The worries of getting in any kind of legal trouble has now been eliminated.


On the other hand the worker gets to come through with a legal visa for a period of time and receive a fair wage, pay taxes and not have the worries of not getting paid because they are not protected.


Structuring a service in a way that benefits both the worker and the company in a fair and balanced way that maximizes the usage out of both parties legally.


Gas/Oil Pipeline, Agricultural, non Agricultural, temporary or long term. Diversified Labor Solutions is the answer to all of your employment and work force needs.

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Pipeline Construction/ Oil & Gas related industries & All Construction related fields.

ServicesPre-Qualified Employment Force


  • Gas/Oil & Pipeline Industry Work
  • Production Staffing
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial And Residential Trades

Diversified Labor Solution understands the necessity of working with qualified, established and competent agencies in Mexico which allows us to know our candidates on a personal level and by doing so we are able to provide quality employees that are skilled, reliable and cost effective for our clients. We assess candidates by their skills and backgrounds but we also conduct comprehensive face-to-face interviews with all of our candidates in order to provide the crucial yet often overlooked components of a productive employee, interpersonal skills and attitude. Our candidates are not assigned by a computer; they are screened and qualified by our experienced agents ensuring that  our placements are fully capable and compliant.



What we do:


  • Analyze and evaluate the specific needs of your operation.

  • Act on your behalf as your petitioner in requesting for, obtaining and securing the appropriate documentation to ensure that your employees comply with Federal and State Laws.

  • Locate and screen potential candidates based upon your employment requirements.

  • Obtain authorization and documentation on all employees to ensure complete compliance with all governing agencies.


Our Process  |  Leave it to us to help you.

Navigating the various branches of the United States Government to obtain Certification and ultimately a Petition to acquire Temporary Migrant Workers can be a formidable task that is cumbersome and time intensive. Diversified Labor Solutions, can make the process near effortless leaving you and your staff free to focus on servicing the responsibilities of growing your business. Once your needs are identified nearly all aspects and the needs of interaction with the Department of Labor and Homeland Security are attended to by Diversified Labor Solutions while providing you with regular updates as the process ensues.


Many steps do require significant time and on average, from initiation to finish, acquisition of the Temporary Visa’s takes a minimum of four months. On occasion the time frame may be longer as additional information may be requested. Diversified Labor Solutions, recommends a five month window to ensure that your Temporary Labor force is available when you need it.


The proceeding attachments simplify the process and once completed provide the necessary information to initiate the process. After completing the application and emailing it to, we will access your needs and follow up with a consultation so that you can determine if the H2B Program can satisfy your companies labor needs.


Contact Us  | We offer Free and Confidential Consultations.

Diversified Labor Solutions has the experience and expertise necessary to make the H2-B program work for you. Allow us the opportunity to discuss the ways that we can assist you in ensuring that your company can obtain the quality, reliable and cost effective staffing that can make your firm more profitable now and into the future.

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